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What's Next for Covid-Weary Canadians?

Covid-19 is quickly dying out in Canada, but the media and governments are reluctant to give up their newfound power and influence. This summer is starting to look somewhat normal, but what will happen in the fall? Here are a few possible scenarios.

1. Covid makes a small comeback
Covid is seasonal, so we may see a small "wave" of cases this fall/winter. The media will of course blow it way out of proportion. Will politicians lockdown again? It really depends on public reaction.

2. Covid makes a big comeback
A vaccine-resistant variant emerges, the media freaks out, and we're back to indefinite lockdowns. But this time lockdowns will be even more controversial, because so many Canadians are exhausted and angry with the seemingly endless government restrictions. There will be mass protests, and major polarization between the pro- and anti- lockdown crowds.

3. A new disease emerges
Maybe it's ebola, maybe it's SARS, maybe it's a brand new virus. Recent history shows it doesn't take a lot to overwhelm hospitals. The media would be obsessed. Worst case scenario: If there's enough fear, politicians could bring in even stricter lockdowns than before.

4. People suddenly start to care about the flu
We could see a bad flu season this year. Even a relatively minor flu season could be hyped up by the press. Either way, the media will call for more lockdowns. Whether or not lockdowns happen again depends on public reaction.

5. Nothing bad happens
The media searches frantically for a new wave, new disease, any dramatic new headline, but alas, everyone is healthy. People begin to relax and life slowly returns to normal.

6. Nothing bad happens, but people are still paranoid
I think this is the most likely scenario. Every time there's news of an outbreak of disease somewhere in the world, politicians will close the borders and lockdown early and hard "out of an abundance of caution." The result will be an economy and society that is constantly disrupted and uncertain about the future.