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We're Not "All in This Together"

Canada's ruling elite has imposed draconian restrictions on Canadians for well over a year, but because they don't follow their own rules, they're incapable of understanding just how much suffering they've inflicted on everyday people.

As they shut down businesses and make it illegal to work, politicians never miss a paycheque and never have to worry about how they're going to pay the rent. As they shut down schools, they never have to scramble to find childcare at the last minute or miss work in order to stay home with the kids. As they close down gyms and criminalize sports, their one-on-one sessions with personal trainers continue. As they make it illegal to see your friends and family, their parties with fellow elites go on.

Earlier this week, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney was spotted partying with Health Minister Tyler Shandro and other high ranking officials. A photo shows them atop the government's "Sky Palace," gathered around a table laden with copious amounts of alcohol. The gathering itself is not shocking - all the men present are likely vaccinated and pose no health risk to each other. What is shocking is that these are the same men who made gatherings illegal.

This incident perfectly illustrates how politicians can live with their draconian restrictions on human rights, freedoms, work, and social life. It's simple - they don't have to bear the consequences of their own destructive policies.