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Canadians Are Worth Celebrating

Canada's history (and present) is full of examples of government-sponsored violence and injustice. The persecution of Japanese-Canadians during World War II, the Indian residential school system, and the invasion of Afghanistan are the first examples that come to mind but we all know there are many more. Yet despite all these tragedies, there are so many Canadians worth celebrating.  Canadians have contributed so much to the arts, sports, music, science, and technology, and we should celebrate their contributions to the world. Canadian athletes such as  Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard, Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby,   Terry Fox, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have inspired the world with their feats. Canadian musicians and songwriters such as  Leonard Cohen, Céline Dion, Neil Young, Alanis Morissette,  Avril Lavigne,  Shania Twain, Gordon Lightfoot,   Drake, and Michael Bublé have become international icons.  Canadian actors including  Ryan Reynolds,  Elliot Page,  Jim Carrey

What's Next for Covid-Weary Canadians?

Covid-19 is quickly dying out in Canada, but the media and governments are reluctant to give up their newfound power and influence. This summer is starting to look somewhat normal, but what will happen in the fall? Here are a few possible scenarios. 1. Covid makes a small comeback Covid is seasonal, so we may see a small "wave" of cases this fall/winter. The media will of course blow it way out of proportion. Will politicians lockdown again? It really depends on public reaction. 2. Covid makes a big comeback A vaccine-resistant variant emerges, the media freaks out, and we're back to indefinite lockdowns. But this time lockdowns will be even more controversial, because so many Canadians are exhausted and angry with the seemingly endless government restrictions. There will be mass protests, and major polarization between the pro- and anti- lockdown crowds. 3. A new disease emerges Maybe it's ebola, maybe it's SARS, maybe it's a brand new virus. Recent history

Pandemic Coming to an End in Canada

Earlier this year there were over 25,000 active cases of covid-19 in Alberta alone. Now there are fewer than 14,000 active cases in the whole country. Well over 70% of Canadians aged 12+ are now vaccinated against covid-19, making a "fourth wave" of any significance very unlikely.  As covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths rapidly decline across Canada, it's time to take the blinders off and recognize that there's more to public health than just one disease. While public health officials and politicians were laser-focused on covid-19, Canadians' mental health deteriorated and opioid overdoses skyrocketed. Public health laws have resulted in widespread social isolation, which is an exacerbating factor for mental illness. This has led to an alarming increase in the number of children admitted to hospital for substance abuse and attempted suicide. Social isolation has also fanned the flames of the opioid crisis. In BC and Alberta more people died  of drug over

Canadian Muslims Under Attack

Last weekend a Muslim family was deliberately run over on the sidewalk by a pickup truck in London, Ontario. Four family members were killed. A 74 year-old woman died at the scene, a 44 year-old woman, a 46 year-old man, and a 15 year-old girl died at the hospital, and a 9 year-old boy was seriously injured. Police said, “There is evidence that this was a planned, premeditated act motivated by hate. It is believed that these victims were targeted because they were Muslim." I wish I could say this was an isolated incident in an otherwise peaceful country, but that would be a lie.  Violent attacks on Muslims are far too common in Canada.  In 2015 a mosque in Peterborough, Ontario was set on fire, causing extensive damage.  In 2017, six Muslims were shot and killed in an attack on a mosque in Quebec City.  In 2018 another mosque was set on fire in Edson, Alberta. Last year a volunteer caretaker was stabbed to death at a mosque in Toronto. While the vast majority of Canadians would n

We're Not "All in This Together"

Canada's ruling elite has imposed draconian restrictions on Canadians for well over a year, but because they don't follow their own rules, they're incapable of  understanding just how much suffering they've inflicted on everyday people. As they shut down businesses and make it illegal to work, politicians never miss a paycheque and never have to worry about how they're going to pay the rent. As they shut down schools, they never have to scramble to find childcare at the last minute or miss work in order to stay home with the kids. As they close down gyms and criminalize sports, their one-on-one sessions with personal trainers continue.  As they make it illegal to see your friends and family, their parties with fellow elites go on. Earlier this week, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney was  spotted  partying with  Health Minister Tyler Shandro  and other high ranking officials. A photo shows them atop the government's "Sky Palace," gathered  around a table lad