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Cases Up, Deaths Down in Alberta

Alberta is now the biggest covid-19 hotspot in North America. Canadian media continues to trumpet large numbers of cases every day, but one simple fact has been mostly ignored: the death rate has plummeted.

Despite having 24,497 active cases, Alberta reported zero deaths related to covid-19 yesterday. The rate of deaths in the last 14 days related to covid-19 in Alberta is only 1 per 100,000 population. At it's peak earlier this year the covid-19 death rate was 8 times higher than now.

Why do we have so many cases but so few deaths? Because almost everyone vulnerable to covid-19 has already been vaccinated. The average age of death related to covid-19 in Alberta is 81, and the majority of Albertans over the age of 55 are now vaccinated. Most importantly, over 80% of Albertans over the age of 75 are vaccinated.

We are now dealing with a disease that is spreading widely but doing very little damage. Most cases are not severe, most do not end up in hospital, and many are asymptomatic.

The same trend can be seen across Canada - despite the large number of active cases, deaths remain low.