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Ukraine War News Monitoring

With the arrival of spring, Russia and Ukraine are both launching offensives and the war is getting more deadly. Here are some recent news articles worth reading to get a better perspective on the war:

April 2023
April 4, BBC:
Finland has become the 31st member of the NATO security alliance, doubling the length of member states' borders with Russia.

April 2, Associated Press:
An international arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin raises the prospect of the man whose country invaded Ukraine facing justice, but it complicates efforts to end that war in peace talks. Both justice and peace appear to be only remote possibilities today, and the conflicting relationship between the two is a quandary at the heart of a March 17 decision by the International Criminal Court to seek the Russian leader’s arrest.

March 2023
March 30, Al Jazeera: 
Turkey’s parliament has approved a bill to allow Finland to join NATO, clearing the last major hurdle for Helsinki to join the defence alliance as war rages in Ukraine.

March 25, Associated Press:
Putin argued that by deploying its tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Russia was following the lead of the United States, noting that the U.S. has nuclear weapons based in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

March 18, BBC:
The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The court alleges he is responsible for war crimes, and has focused its claims on the unlawful deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia. 

March 15, Responsible Statecraft:
Whatever the exact number, it’s certain Ukraine has suffered greatly. Last June, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed the country was losing “60 to 100 soldiers per day killed in action and something around 500 people as wounded in action.” As the battle for Bakhmut became the war’s focal point, a January report from Der Spiegel revealed that German intelligence was “alarmed” at the number of Ukrainian lives being expended to hold the city, concluding that Ukrainian forces were “losing a three-digit number of soldiers every day.”

March 7, Al Jazeera:
In this war-scarred city in Ukraine’s northeast, residents scrutinise every step for landmines.

March 6, New York Times:
Ukrainian special forces said on Monday that they had destroyed an unmanned observation tower in Russia’s Bryansk region using a drone strike, a rare public acknowledgment of a cross-border attack that underscored Kyiv’s increasing willingness to directly strike Russian territory. 

🍁 March 4, The Canadian Dissident:
The University of Alberta is hosting a small exhibit honouring students who were killed in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Called "Unissued Diplomas," the exhibit is also on display at the University of Toronto and Saint Mary's University in Halifax.

March 3, Reuters:
On the eve of the 70th anniversary of Josef Stalin's death, attitudes to the Soviet Union's wartime leader remain mixed in the nations he once ruled with an iron fist. 

February 2023
Feb. 24, The Kyiv Independent:
The Kyiv Independent was just a three-month-old startup when Russia launched an all-out war against Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. A year later, its team members look back at making the choice on whether to stay or flee, rescuing their family members from occupied territories, reporting from the front line, and growing into an internationally recognized media outlet. 

Feb. 24, BBC:
The UN General Assembly in New York has overwhelmingly backed a resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine nearly a year ago.

Feb. 24, BBC:

Feb. 24, Al Jazeera:
China’s plan calls for end to Western sanctions on Russia and humanitarian corridors for civilians to escape fighting.

Feb. 24, Al Jazeera:
A selection of images attesting to the tragedies inflicted on the Ukrainian people.

Feb. 24, The Moscow Times:

Feb. 24, The Moscow Times:
Dozens of Russians have been detained for staging anti-war pickets and other acts of remembrance across the country, as Feb. 24 marks exactly one year since the Kremlin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Feb. 24, The Moscow Times:
Over 15,000 Russian soldiers have been confirmed killed in Ukraine since the start of the Kremlin’s invasion, according to an independent tally published on the war's one-year anniversary Friday.

Feb. 24, The Moscow Times:

🍁 Feb. 23, National Post:
Nearly three quarters of Canadians would like to see Ukraine win the war but only about a third think Canada should provide more military equipment

Feb. 23, The Associated Press:
New video footage of Bakhmut shot from the air with a drone for The Associated Press shows how the longest battle of the year-long Russian invasion has turned the city of salt and gypsum mines in eastern Ukraine into a ghost town.

Feb. 22, NPR:
Since the early 1990s, Ukrainians have been having fewer and fewer children​​. Add to that high rates of emigration and mortality — including untold war casualties — and it's leading to dramatic population decline.

Feb. 15, Al Jazeera:
Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the 30 members of the military alliance have committed at least $80bn worth of military, humanitarian and financial aid to Kyiv.

Feb. 15, The Moscow Times:
Once optimistic, anti-war Russians like Melania are increasingly downbeat about their prospects of finding long-term refuge in the European Union.

Feb. 7, Al Jazeera:
Moscow has repeatedly accused NATO of involvement in the war by supplying arms to Kyiv, warning supplies are ‘legitimate targets’.

Feb. 6, Al Jazeera:
Antonio Guterres says prospects of ‘further escalation and bloodshed’ in the Russia-Ukraine war keep growing.

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